Starting March 14, 2019 every Thursday 1pm - 2pm EST using the hashtag #IAOTRCchat participants can discuss the topic of the week (please see our guidelines). You can either participate or simply follow the conversation.

First step, you need to create a twitter account. This is an open twitter chat, meaning anyone can see your tweets. If you don’t feel comfortable using your personal account then please create a pseudonym account.

Twitter has integrated a hashtag (#) function used to index keywords so that users can easily follow a topic stream. The twitter page for this chat is found @IAOTRCchat this will lead you to our hashtag. The Trauma Recovery Chat operates under the hashtag #IAOTRCchat. To participate in our chat all of your tweets must include this hashtag i.e.

#IAOTRCchat This chat was created to promote resiliency and hope among trauma survivors. We'll explore a new topic each week, moderated by Certified Trauma Recovery Coaches.

Pro tip: There are websites that automatically add the hashtag to your tweets and follow that topic stream. A couple of these are and

For more information on how to use twitter please see:

twitter guidelines

  • We welcome all trauma survivors regardless of gender, background, race, religious beliefs.

  • Use #IAOTRCchat to join in the conversation. You must include the hashtag to have your tweet included in the feed. Be aware that this is a public chat and your tweets are visible to everyone.

  • This chat was created to promote resiliency and hope among trauma survivors. While our past is pertinent, it is our healing that this chat focuses upon.

  • For everyone’s optimum experience and safety, please be mindful of triggering language and crosstalk to other members that distracts from the topic.

  • Zero Tolerance Policy for abusive language, minimizing others’ pain or truth, or if you do not follow the group guidelines.

  • We’re here to share experiences and strengths, please refrain from unsoliticited advice unless someone specifically asks for input.

  • If you prefer anonymity, please create an account with a pseudonym for your protection. •

  • Trolling is NOT permitted or tolerated. Please do not use the chat to promote your business, services, products or discussing money. We also refrain from discussions regarding your specific beliefs regarding politics or religious positions.

  • Private messages are welcome only after you have established “mutual consent”. If you send a PM, ask first if the person is willing to chat privately about a concern or issue. Then wait for a consensual reply before proceeding.