Announcing the 2019 Trauma Recovery Coaching Summit

Are you a survivor of trauma?

Do you have a loved one who is a survivor of trauma?

Do you work with survivors of trauma?

Would you like to help survivors of trauma to heal?

If you said “yes” to any of these questions, or are interested in trauma and trauma recovery coaching, then this Summit is for you!

Group Summit  (2).png

Join us Monday June 10th through Friday June 14th for the first annual Trauma Recovery Coaching Summit. There’s no need to travel to get the information or even change out of your jammies!

The entire summit is held online!

On Monday June 10th you will be sent links to four interviews with our coaches about trauma and recovery. For Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday you will also be sent four interview links. You may watch them at your leisure, in your pajamas or on a big screen at your local pub. The choice and power is yours!

Our Speakers

Monday, June 10th

What is Trauma Recovery Coaching? - Sarah Parish,CTRC and Bobbi L.Parish, MA, CTRC-S

Trust as a Survivor of Trauma - Jade Eby, CTRC-A and Jennifer Kindera, CTRC-A

Compassionate Witness in Trauma - Monique Koven, BSW, CLC, CTRC

The Neurobiology of Reclaiming my Authentic Self - Linda Meredith, CTRC

Tuesday, June 11th

Protective Factors Life’s Insulation Against Adversity-Kathy Wiens, M.Ed, LPC, CTRC

Spiritual Abuse and Recovery - Leslie Rochelle, BS. CTRC

Personal Discovery in Trauma Recovery- Chris Goguen

Identity Disruption: Trauma from DNA Testing Revelations - Dr. Paulette Bethel,phD,CMC

Wednesday, June 12th

Relationships are the Key to Trauma Recovery - Sarah Parish,CTRC and Bobbi Parish, MA, CTRC-S

Living Daily in Worthiness and Authenticity - Bola Abimbola Aworinde, BSC, MPBSS, CTRC

Expressive Writing in Trauma Recovery Coaching - Jade Eby, CTRC-A

Disability and Suicide - Dessi Mowadeng, CTRC

Thursday, June 13th

Interactions of Memory and Trauma - Drew Sheldon

Wellness Strategies - Amber Day, CTRC

Exploding Your Anger - Dawn Hendrickson, RRT, RCP, CTRC

Self-Compassion for Trauma Survivors - Manyi Ebot, CTRC

Friday, June 14th

Narcissistic Intimate Partner Abuse - Kimberly Weeks, CTRC'

Military Sexual Trauma - Paula Smith-Benson, RN, BSN, MSN, CTRC

Trauma and Addiction - Nancy Dipaola, CRC, CGRS, CTRC

The Neuroaffective Model in Trauma Healing - Will Wissmiller

Where do you go from here? - Sarah Parish,CTRC and Bobbi Parish, MA, CTRC-S